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Meet Our Girls


Presley's LA Salad Polk Annie (Annie)

AKC Dachshund

Annie is a beautiful example of a brindle EE red dachshund, her long coat and ears give her a constant elegant look. Annie has a sweet disposition and loves to track critters on our farm, she always has her nose to the ground. Annie has begun light training on tracking deer sheds.


Presley's San Ann Rose ML (Rose)

AKC Dachshund

Rose is a chocolate based red longhair dachshund, out of Annie and Charlie. She still has maturing to do, but we are very impressed with her sweet temperament.


Presley's Adele (Dellie)

Miniature Dachshund

Sweet Dellie was my first dachshund since childhood- just an all around good dog! She is strictly our farm dog related to poor breeding and dilute color genetics causing CDA.


Presley's Mary Lou Brown (Lou)

AKC Dachshund

Lou is a longhaired blue based red brindle dachshund out Jack and Annie. Lou has the sweetest personality and is always the first to greet you. She passes along her sweet temperament to her pups as well!


Presley's MS Tutti Frutti (Tutti)

AKC Dachshund

Tutti is a red shorthair dachshund out of Charlie and Lou. Like Rose, she still has some maturing to do but we are so happy to have her here on the farm.

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